JPMorgan Take on 60/40 Portfolio: Still Kicking, Better Than Cash

There have been a lot of false reports that the 60/40 mix is dead. Just to be clear, JPMorgan Asset Management says that the old approach of investing 60% in stocks and 40% in Treasuries is still very much alive. It’s even expected to do better than cash as an investment over the next ten years.

JPMorgan vision: Doing better than cash and inflation

JPMorgan vision ball into the future says that the 60/40 portfolio will do better than cash by 4.1 percentage points per year. These days, money-market funds offer returns of up to 5%, but the standard mix is still likely to beat them. Not only that, but it will also beat inflation by 4.5 percentage points over the next 10 years.

Problems and Criticism

There were some people who didn’t like the 60/40 mix, especially after how poorly it did last year. Because of this, a Bloomberg measure of the model has been all over the place, falling about 4% since July. Recent chaos in Treasuries has sent shockwaves through the market, causing stocks and bonds to drop at the same time. This has made investors nervous and make them look for better investments.

Cash Catch-22

People aren’t sure about moving away from cash, especially since the cash rate is at its highest point and will stay between 2% and 2.5% for the next five to ten years. Monica Issar, global head of multi-asset and portfolio solutions at JPMorgan Global Wealth Management, pointed out the problem. She said that cash might offer a 5% return with low risk right now, but it misses out on the long-term benefits of returns that grow over time.

Other ways to invest your money

It’s not just the same old thing that JPMorgan is doing. They agree that the 60/40 strategy has long-term potential, but they also say that things should be made more interesting. What is the secret? A 25% share for options. Private equity, real estate, and business mortgage loans are all part of this. As a result? An extra 0.6% per year in returns over the next ten years, along with less danger.

The Study by JPMorgan: Putting the Liquidity Myth to rest

Alternative purchases have often been held back by worries about not having enough cash on hand. That’s not what JPMorgan thinks, though. They think that adding alternatives to the mix can make a big difference in portfolios and see liquidity as a risk premium that isn’t being used to its full potential.The Numbers Say It All About Cash vs. Portfolio

The study by JPMorgan shows that $100 in cash will only grow to $133 in 10 years. The same amount put into a traditional 60/40 portfolio, on the other hand, is expected to grow to $197 over the same time period. When options are added, the price goes up to $208.

Long-Term Prospects by JPMorgan

David Kelly, who is the chief global market strategist for JPMorgan Asset Management, says that the investment environment is changing. As he says, “This is very much a world in change.” We don’t think rates will drop again any time soon. So, the standard 60/40 might still be a good bet for investors who want to play the long game.